Nova receives “Leadership in Air Quality Award”!

Nova receives “Leadership in Air Quality Award”!

On 31 October 2018 Nova Institute received an honorary award during the annual Conference of the National Association for Clean Air (NACA), in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. The award was  received by Managing Director, Christiaan Pauw, who attended the conference to present a paper. The National Association for Clean Air periodically recognises and honours an individual or entity for their outstanding and innovative efforts to improve air quality. The award specifically honours initiatives that directly or indirectly reduce pollutant emissions, demonstrate innovation, offer sustainable outcomes, and provide a model for others to follow. The award acknowledges Nova’s leading role in efforts to improve the air quality for low income households of South Africa over a period 25 years.

Nova finds great encouragement in the conferral of this award and the team hope’s to continue and build on our aim of establishing a healthy household culture in Southern Africa.


Nova develops products and services by taking them through phases from a “bright idea” to a full-fledged large scale program.  In the following figure the phases of development of solutions are depicted.  All business units are involved in all phases, but in different ways. The Incubation business unit is mainly accountable for what is done in Phases 1-3, whereas the Implementation business unit is mainly accountable for what is done in Phases 4-6 (see the diagram below).

The aim during the Feasibility phase is to develop a solution that fits into and functions well within the patterns and dynamics of the single household. The aim during the Pilot phase is find ways to take the solution effectively to the wider community.

The phases are not strictly demarcated. During the Pre-feasibility and the Feasibility phases, for example, the way in which the eventual solution will be taken to scale must be kept in mind.