About the Nova Instition

Fair Climate Network Southern Africa

Make the carbon market work for the poor

Together with other organisations from Southern Africa, Nova is setting up the Fair Climate Network Southern Africa (FCN SA). We believe that there is much untapped knowledge and know-how in the region. A network can accommodate higher efficiency and delivery of better services to the poor.

The objective of the network is to facilitate and capacitate (grassroots) bodies to develop pro-poor carbon projects in Southern Africa for the sustainable development of poor communities.

The Network aims at improving access to energy for households in rural poor communities, a prerequisite for successful poverty alleviation and sustainable development. It supports dissemination of affordable small-scale renewable and efficient energy technologies, such as domestic biogas and efficient cooking stoves. These replace scarce firewood and expensive fuels, such as diesel and kerosene, and also enable access to energy in distant off-grid areas. The network will also focus in forestry.

FCN SA mobilises and coordinates the contribution of key organisations; grassroots organisations, international and local NGOs, knowledge and research institutes, carbon project implementers, financial institutions and carbon credit buyers, carbon specialists, community based organisations, governmental institutions and others. In other words: Organisations will work together to make the carbon market work for the poor.

More information on the Fair Climate Network Southern Africa can be found on its website: www.fairclimateafrica.com

The overall coordinator of the FCN SA is Jaap de Jong: jaapdejong@nova.org.za