About the Nova Instition


Nova has formed a network of relations with:

  1. Communities
  2. Industries
  3. Academic Institutions
  4. Government Departments
  5. Churches
  6. Carbon trading organisations

Although Nova does not belong to any of these, we strive to integrate their contributions to the benefit of low-income households in Southern Africa.


The households and communities where we work are our most important co-workers. Residents play a key role in the research and development (R&D) of ways to solve a particular problem that we work on. Local people are involved in the spreading of the results of the R&D processes. Nova usually forms steering committees to oversee and guide any work that is done in an area. This usually includes community leaders as well as the department of that municipality responsible for community affairs.

In the PPR project we have started to investigate the possibility of involving a diversity of communities (a golf estate or gated community, a more traditional suburb, and formal and informal parts of a township) in projects to address issues that are of mutual concern, such as domestic energy use. We hope to expand this to other issues such as air pollution and crime in future. We do this because we believe that the only sustainable basis for improving the quality of life in an area is the realisation that we are interdependent, that communities in a given area share a common destiny: we build each other up or we end up harming each other.


Nova also believes that an industry and the communities in its wider footprint are interdependent. For that reason we strive to identify the interfaces between an industry and the nearby communities. This can be used to plan a strategy to optimise the relationship to the benefit of all.

Nova can also assist industries to offset their carbon footprint. It may soon be possible to identify a project in the subcontinent that generates carbon credits, with which an industry can develop a long-term relationship for offsetting its carbon footprint. Please refer to the Products and Services pages on our website for more details.

Academic Institutions

University of Pretoria

Nova has strong links with several universities, especially the University of Pretoria. We often work together with other local research bodies like the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) and international institutions. The International Institute for Development and Ethics (IIDE) is one of these research bodies.

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)        The International Institute for Development and Ethics (IIDE)

The IIDE is an innovative scholarly institute, researching the extent, nature and normative aspects of poverty, inequality and injustice through local, regional, national and international channels.

ICCO logo   Kerk in Actie logo

In recent years, ICCO-Kerk in Actie (www.icco.nl/en/home), an office of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, has become our strongest partner. ICCO-Kerk in Actie has supported several Nova projects. We have signed a ten year contract with the Fair Climate Fund (www.fairclimatefund.nl/english-climate-neutral-fairclimate), which is an subsidiary of ICCO-Kerk in Actie, for providing carbon credits to them. We are also working together now to set up the Southern African Fair Climate Network.

Fair Climate Fund logo

Government Departments

Nova has worked closely on projects with various government departments.

Department of Minerals and Energy    Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism


Nova has worked closely on projects with churches of various denominations. The churches worldwide are getting more and more involved in climate and ecological issues. Synods and congregations of the Dutch Reformed Church have been involved with the development of the CHICS Programme.

Church in Mamelodi

Carbon Traders

From time to time Nova's activities generate VERs which are sold through leading Carbon Trading Companies.