18 000 happy households this winter!
About 18 000 coal using households in the Highveld area will have paid less than they expected for coal by the end of this winter, and many thousands more will have had cleaner air than usual.

One reason is that it has not been a very cold winter so far. An informal house, or a shack, as it is called, is made of tin, plastic and carton. It is very warm when the sun shines, very cold when it is cold, and very wet when it rains. The colder it gets, the more coal you have to burn to keep warm, and a Highveld winter night can get very cold.

Secondly, Nova is on track to demonstrate the Basa Magogo ignition technique for domestic coal fires to 18 000 households this winter. It is a top-down ignition technique. People who use this method save more than R600 per year in buying coal, emit about 85% less toxic smoke, and emit about one ton CO2 less into the atmosphere.

It is internationally recognised as a very cost effective way to reduce the emission of toxic smoke and greenhouse gasses, and to reduce expenses for people who do not have much.
Posted on 05 Aug 2013

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