Thusano Mahaeng Soap Production Project

Thusano Mahaeng Project

Produce at Home

Nova is currently cooperating with the Witnessing Forum of Mamelodi/Lusaka to develop the Thusano Mahaeng Project. Thusano Mahaeng could roughly be translated as "Working Together at Homes." Our objective is to experiment with the possibilities of producing products for an income in the close vicinity of the household.

Soap Production Project

The aim of the Thusano Mahaeng Soap Production Project is to support and assist in the generating of income by members of the Mamelodi and Lusaka congregations through the production and marketing of products in the homes of these members.

Nova started experimenting with household-based production of consumer goods in Mamelodi and eMbalenhle in 2001 in collaboration with a number of local churches.

Thusano Mahaeng Soap Production Project

How it Works

Step 1:
Congregation and community members are invited to attend an information session where the aim and objectives of Thusano Mahaeng are explained.

Step 2:
Aspirant household based entrepreneurs are invited to participate in group activities designed to make a significant contribution to their emotional, spiritual and economic empowerment. The other group members are encouraged to adhere to the values and goals of the team, such as hard work, respect, honesty, punctuality and transparency.

Step 3:
Each household based entrepreneur that has proven over a course of time that he or she can mix a high quality product can buy raw chemicals to produce 20 litres of dishwashing liquid at home.

Step 4:
The entrepreneur mixes and sells the product from his or her home and comes back to weekly meetings to give feedback and receive support.

Step 5:
Once a batch of liquid soap is almost finished, the entrepreneur can buy more raw material at the weekly group meeting.