Privacy Policy


This privacy policy concerns the handling of personal information and data resulting from the usage of the 1-Click iButton App (hereinafter referred to as ‘the app’) created by the Nova Institute (hereinafter referred to as ‘the creators’). It only affects users who wish to use their Google Drive accounts as storage medium for data files generated by the app. 

Personal information and data collected or accessed by 1-Click iButtons

In order to save files to a user’s Google Drive account, the app needs to obtain the Gmail e-mail address(es) of the user by checking the accounts listed on the device. Using the Google OAuth service, the app then requests the user’s password for their chosen Gmail account and tries to verify the user’s provided Gmail credentials. Once verified, the user’s Gmail address is saved internally by the app as the account to which files must be saved. The user’s Gmail address is only saved on the user’s device itself and is not shared with the creators of the app or any other third party. The user’s Gmail password is never saved in any way. 

Once access to the user’s Google Drive account has been obtained, the app will be able to upload files to the account; once a file has been uploaded, however, the app no longer has access to the file. The app is not able to download any files from Google Drive. 

No personal information can be captured by the app in the data files that it creates. The app can only capture temperature data from a DS1921G or DS1922L iButton, Thermochron, attached to the user’s device. Only this data can then be written to file by the app and saved to Google Drive, if the user has explicitly chosen Google Drive as a storage medium for the app’s files.


The creators of the 1-Click iButton App take care to protect any data generated through the usage of the app from all parties other than the user itself. The creators will not, however, be liable for any data loss or leakage of personal information that may result from usage of the app, misuse of the user’s device or connected Gmail accounts, negligence on the side of the user, or any other potential cause. Use of the app is completely subject to the user’s own risk.