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Attie van Niekerk: “The Missional congregation in the South African context” has been published in HTS Teologiese Studies/ Theological Studies. The article can be found here:

Attie van Niekerk: The Lost Land and the Earth Mother: African Mythology and the Issue of Land in Southern Africa in: Culpepper, R. Alan and Van der Watt, Jan G: Creation stories in dialogue. The Bible, Science and Folk Traditions, Brill: Leiden (2016).

Attie van Niekerk; Reason, faith and practice in our common home, South Africato be published in 2018.

Manfred A. Max-Neef, Foundations of transdisciplinarity, Universidad Austral de Chile, Casilla 567 Valdivia, Chile

Received 16 August 2004; received in revised form 22 December 2004; accepted 3 January 2005 Available online 11 March 2005.

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