MARIA NYATHI – Project Coordinator

Maria Nyathi’s current involvement with Nova is as an Area Leader in Molati. Her understanding of different languages (Tsonga, Afrikaans and English), makes her a pivotal role-player in the current ICS project in that community.

Mrs Nyathi serves on a local committee with the traditional leaders of five surrounding villages. This committee governs the local energy and water issues. Maria’s specific role is to represent the women of the local villages and to communicate the opinions of the local women and of the local traditional leaders to one another.

Mrs Nyathi completed her school education in 1967 at Rita Secondary School in Giyani. She married (Rev.) David Nyathi and they both did theological studies. In 1975, they both got involved in the local church (Uniting Reformed Church) in Molati and in its various community initiatives. Involved at Nova as a business strategy and energy consultant since 2005.