Project Manager

Pierre Reyneke joined the Nova Institute in the year 2013 after he was approached by the Nova team with a request to conduct qualitative research over a period of 3 months concerning the way in which Nova’s Improved Cooking Stove was accepted into the daily cooking practises of households situated in the rural context of Molati village.

Having just completed his Social Science (Honours) degree in Anthropology at the time, the research proved to be quite a stimulating project, and after the research was completed he decided to take up the role of Project manager of the Improved Cooking Stove project. He has fulfilled this role ever since.

Pierre also completed a BTh degree in Theology at the University of Pretoria in the year 2010 and in the following year gained experience in the field of recreation and team building facilitation, working for Drakensberg Barefoot Adventures. During the same year he co-founded a leather company called Fennek, which targeted the exclusive market of finely crafted handmade leather products. His role in the company was the research and development of new hand crafted products. Working in this field gave him the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in the sector of small-scale entrepreneurship, which contributes to insightful understanding of business models in the rural contexts within which this project was implemented.

His ultimate interest and concern is the rapidly increasing global economic inequality. The project offers the opportunity for engagement with theories regarding this social threat, but more importantly the opportunity to grapple with possible solutions or alternatives to it.