In order to fulfil our mission, Nova has developed strong capabilities in both qualitative and quantitative research from its inception. Early collaborators represented a variety of disciplines in the tertiary educational sector which included the human sciences, medical sciences, architecture and engineering. As solutions matured and became implementable in expansive phases, Nova’s organic growth has attracted permanent employees who display skills in planning, designing and monitoring implementations. The team routinely develops unique tools which maximise its effectivity and provide a standardized environment in which monitoring and reporting can be completed. The quest to develop solutions in participation with households necessitated practical engagement with households from all Nova’s employees, and this remains a critical skill to this day, centered in the Incubation Business Unit.

During the past decade Nova has developed several solutions which became scalable. This demanded advanced program development and -management skills in order to design, scope, implement and administer large-scale programs over an extended period of time. Nova employs experienced high-level management personnel to, firstly, meet this demand and secondly, incubate their expertise in Nova. The Implementation Business Unit retains the services of a highly experienced team of project coordinators who oversees stakeholder relations and project implementation on a local level. As the need for monitoring and evaluation increased Nova added critical ICT skills to its portfolio and a dedicated Data Business Unit was established