Operational Manager

Tshediso Alfred Pudumo joined Nova Institute during June 2010. He holds a Bachelors of Theology degree and is currently completing a Honours Bachelors of Theology in Christian Leadership with UNISA (in collaboration with URCSA-Northern Theological Seminary)

His involvement with Nova has strengthened his interpersonal skills with various communities and households in South Africa. Tshediso has followed Nova’s vision and mission of researching and developing channels towards cultivating a healthy household culture by promoting beneficial, desirable and acceptable solutions to alleviate poverty. This engagement has enabled him to further promote the Setswana idiom of “Motho ke motho ka batho ba bangwe”, which basically means people are interdependent of each other.

He enjoys doing community work on the principle of ‘working for the community with the community’, helping households give meaning to a healthy quality of life. He has been involved with Quality Control interviews, stakeholder consultation, recruiting and training of fieldworkers, implementation and demonstrations for the Basa Magogo project. He further served as assistant researcher in a Human Health Risk Assessment project as well as a Retrofit and Offset study in low-income communities.